{BTST 02.11}: Fisch sucht Plattencover

Grafik gesetzt in St Lorie (Sascha Timplan) und LiebeOrnaments (Ulrike Wilhelm)

Am kommenden Donnerstag begrüßt der Berliner Typostammtisch zwei junge, aufstrebende Schrift- und Kommunikationsgestalter: Ulrike Wilhelm (LiebeFonts) und Sascha Timplan (Stereotypes). Auf Ulrikes einleitenden Vortrag »LiebeFonts – Vom Fisch zum Font« folgt Saschas zum Thema Plattencover »This is a RECORD COVER. This writing is the DESIGN upon the record cover. The DESIGN is usually there to help SELL the record. However, this record comes free with a GERMAN MAGAZINE, so who knows what the point of this DESIGN is. Perhaps it is meant as an INTERPRETATION of the MUSIC on the record. But the person who DESIGNED this COVER hasn’t heard the music. He doesn’t know who “Uusitalo” of “Michal HO” are, for instance. He didn’t even come up with the DESIGN himself, he ripped it off a famous RECORD COVER for an XTC record from 1978 called Go 2, which was designed by Hipgnosis. They’re still around, or that guy still is, he still makes RECORD COVERS. And soon there won’t be any more RECORD COVERS because everyone will be downloading their music off the INTERNET. And I’ll be out of a job, I’m probably already out of job, seeing as I don’t even know the fucking MUSIC I’m designing this for, and I’m ripping off this guy Hipgnosis. I don’t know anymore. And fuck it, who needs it. Who needs RECORD COVERS. All the self-doubt and insecurity. Free with my GERMAN MAGAZINE. What is it for. Is it MUSIC. For DANCING. My house broke down. This is not it. I will show you fancy DANCE MOVES and get laid. I have no friends. I can’t sleep. This is a RECORD COVER. Pink Floyd. I forgot why I’m here. I love you. All my fake laughs and shitty jokes and I scream them in peoples ears because the MUSIC is too loud and no-one is DANCING and showing off their MOVES. They will all get laid and get jobs and make RECORD COVERS. There is nothing left. It’s all gone. I am not here. This is not it. This is a RECORD COVER. This is nothing.« (Zitat von der Groove-CD 18 (Ausgabe 109), inspiriert vom Album XTC – Go 2, 1978). Fisch-, Musik- und Schriftlliebhaber kommen bis spätestens 19 Uhr ins Max & Moritz. Wer bisher noch niemals bei einem Typostammtisch war oder mehrere Begleitpersonen mitbringen möchte, mag mir bitte vorher eine kurze E-Mail schreiben, damit ich sie für spätere Veranstaltungen in den Verteiler aufnehmen kann.

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